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March 11, 2024
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Enormous efforts are being placed on the acceleration of AI and innovative technologies to increase sustainability, streamline industry practices and improve partner synergies.

Safety First  

Enormous efforts are being placed on the acceleration of AI and innovative technologies to increase sustainability, streamline industry practices and improve partner synergies.

It is vitally important, however, for companies to remain conscious of what makes evolution and progress possible; the solid foundation of safe and reliable working processes and environments.  

With the buzz and speed of day-to-day life, it is easy to get caught up in the delivery and execution of cutting-edge developments, but it’s vitally important we do not lose sight of what makes success feasible.  

Making time to prioritise safety is undeniably paramount. Essential practices such as reviewing internal policies, staying up to date with industry and regulatory changes, implementing improvement opportunities and promoting a “Safety First” culture are key fundamentals to safeguarding the people and equipment that facilitate advancement.  

It is worrying to see the frequency of dangerous situations re-occurring in daily headlines across all occupational sectors underlining organisations that have overlooked the vital importance of safety in everyday operations. These momentary lapses of judgement can lead to considerable damage to assets, penalties, and physical injuries or worse.  

At Flare, we aim to reduce safety incidents with our 360° “Safety First” approach. Our core commercial divisions integrate the service and maintenance of critical safety equipment and systems that are positioned onboard installations worldwide. We strictly adhere to safety standards, industry regulations and certification bodies to ensure high-quality, verified project deliveries.  

Flare’s Specialist Safety Services portfolio incorporates over 21 service activities covering everything from safety equipment inspection and recertification through to comprehensive safety systems refurbishment, testing and analysis.  

Our award-winning Annual Fire-Fighting Equipment Service is enhanced by our additional tiers of expertise ranging from Engineering & Systems Design Services, Pressure Safety Valve & Critical Gauge Recertification Services, Hazardous Environment Specialist Services and Safety Product Sales & Hire Divisions.

Safety is indispensable to the smooth operation and performance of installations & assets across the globe, playing a crucial role in reducing risks, protecting against harm or damage, and ensuring optimal output while safeguarding those in the field.

“Safety First” is the thread that binds our dynamic team together and sets us apart. This principal pillar of integrity is the unwavering backdrop for our organisation and it underpins the foundation of who we are. Coupled with our celebrated customer focus and unrivalled technical knowledge, we continue to expand our reach to networks around the globe, supporting positive change in the Energy world and contributing to a safer and greener future.  

Flare approaches challenges with unwavering resolution and determination and are looking to the future with optimism and excitement. As we embark on our next chapter of safety excellence, we will be revealing several new commercial ventures that include international partnerships and expansion into new territories. We continue to invest in meaningful innovation and have increased our asset portfolio to include a fleet of offshore workshop containers, new hire equipment ranging from portable gas & NORM detection, breathing apparatus & life-saving equipment as well as our exclusive series of Zone 1 Breathing Air Compressors.  

By maintaining peace of mind to our regional and international industry partners, we continue to promote our safety expertise that has been relied upon for a decade, underpinning enhanced asset integrity and top-tier operational success.

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