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June 22, 2023
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Flare Forges Ahead with Groundbreaking Achievements in the World of Renewable Energy

To promote sustainability, Flare proudly continues its trailblazing journey marked by a series of unprecedented accomplishments. While supporting the World's Largest Wind Farm, surpassing 1 GW capacity, and effortlessly generating clean energy to power well over a million homes, Flare now joyfully unveils its triumphant bid to bolster the World's Largest Floating Offshore Wind Farm, situated off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Amidst the vast expanses of deep-water regions, harbouring a remarkable 80 percent of the globe's offshore wind resources, the United Kingdom has emerged as the unrivalled pioneer in harnessing the potential of floating wind. Garnering global recognition as a pivotal market for floating wind developments, the UK stands as an embodiment of ingenuity and progress in this transformative sector.

Situated 15 kilometres off the shores of Aberdeen, the Kincardine Offshore Floating Wind Farm has an impressive capacity of 50 MW. Comprising an ensemble of five towering 9.5 MW Vestas Turbines, this visionary project stands as a testament to Flare's commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing sustainable clean energy solutions.

Equipped with unparalleled expertise in the offshore energy sector, as well as marine industries, Flare prides itself on empowering boundless clean energy solutions. With an illustrious track record in the North Sea and a legacy of delivering Specialist Safety Solutions to a multitude of world-first projects across the globe, Flare stands poised to revolutionise the offshore wind industry. Our esteemed local team takes charge of ensuring the highest standards of safety and detection equipment on board the assets, thus fortifying the seamless progress of the esteemed Cobra Wind project.

Keith Robertson, Sales Director at Flare, proclaims, “We are extremely delighted with this opportunity to be part of renewable energy's transformative era. As the UK leads in offshore wind energy, it's amazing to see our hard work and investment in this sector being acknowledged.”

Amanda McLean, Finance Director, emphasises the company's resolute commitment to the government's net-zero emissions objectives, stating, "We fully back the government's net zero emissions objectives and have invested heavily in the renewable industry, so it’s fantastic to be further recognised within the renewables sector.”

Dan McLean, Operations Director, sheds light on Flare's dedication to embracing new horizons, remarking, "New opportunities bring new challenges, Flare have embraced the transition to offshore wind farms and invested in our offshore staff training bringing new and experienced skills to the industry.”

Flare's steadfast commitment to pioneering clean energy solutions, bolstered by their illustrious legacy in the energy sector, cements their position as an indispensable force propelling the renewable energy sector towards a sustainable future. With each stride forward, Flare shines as a beacon of progress, lighting the path to a greener, more prosperous world.

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