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June 7, 2023
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Flare Fire Safety Engineering Secures Major Contract for Well-Safe Guardian's Fire Suppression Systems

Flare Fire Safety Engineering proudly announces its successful bid for a significant contract to supply the fire suppression systems for the new-build diving spread of the Well-Safe Guardian. This groundbreaking project marks a significant milestone in Flare's journey as a leading safety solutions provider, further solidifying their expertise in the energy industry.

The Well-Safe Guardian, purpose-built for subsea well decommissioning, embarked on its venture earlier this year in the North Sea. With a commitment to ensuring the utmost safety, Flare will be responsible for delivering project management, engineering design, installation, and commissioning of two robust fire suppression systems. These cutting-edge systems will safeguard the new commercial diving installation against potential fire incidents, employing a high-pressure water mist system within the control room module and a water deluge system for the protection of lifeboats and associated exterior areas.

Well-Safe Solutions, the visionary behind the Well-Safe Guardian, selected Flare Fire Safety Engineering for the project due to their unrivalled expertise, engineering experience, and stringent safety inspection protocols. By partnering with Flare, Well-Safe Solutions gains a vital protective layer.

Keith Robertson, Flare's Sales Director, emphasises the company's dedication to sustainability, stating, “With our focus on climate change and the growing need for sustainability, the water-based systems being installed to the Well-Safe Guardian is a positive move forward. Specifying high-pressure water mist, which is benign when it comes to protecting human safety, the environment and safeguards critical assets. High-pressure water mist offers a lower carbon footprint over the lifecycle of the product.”

Flare Fire Safety Engineering is proud to collaborate with Ultra Fog, a distinguished manufacturer of fire suppression systems. Ultra Fog's internationally approved water mist system, which boasts electrically non-conductive properties, presents an ideal alternative to traditional gaseous-based systems. Furthermore, its reduced reliance on module integrity makes it suitable for both new build and retrofit projects. By deploying Ultra Fog's advanced technology, Flare ensures efficient and effective fire protection, significantly reducing water consumption compared to conventional sprinkler and deluge systems.

Dan McLean, Flare's Operations Director, highlights the unique nature of this project, stating, “I think it’s quite a unique application and certainly an exciting challenge to meet the strict parameters that a diving module entails and engineer a solution. Static weight was a big governing factor for the project, and we have worked with Ultra Fog closely to come up with a solution to meet the dynamic water distribution criteria required. This Well-Safe contract further demonstrates our capabilities in providing specialist active fire protection solutions to the energy industry.” Working closely with Ultra Fog, Flare engineered a bespoke solution that not only fulfills stringent requirements but also showcases their capabilities in providing specialist active fire protection solutions to the energy industry.

Flare Fire Safety Engineering offers an extensive portfolio of safety solutions, ranging from equipment supply to comprehensive aftermarket care, equipment lifecycle management packages, and preventative service and maintenance programs. Founded just seven years ago, the company has exhibited remarkable growth and resilience, solidifying its position as one of the most prominent safety solutions providers in the UK Continental Shelf.

Amanda McLean, Flare's Finance Director, expresses pride in the company's achievements, stating, "We founded our organisation with a distinctive focus on customer service. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and industry experience and continue to deliver results with the client at the heart of everything we do. We have continued to sustain growth despite the various global challenges and industry hurdles. This is a significant achievement and if I can say, we’re quite proud of this and looking to the future with confidence and optimism.” Flare's commitment to customer-centric solutions and dedication to safety remain unwavering, fostering confidence and optimism as they forge ahead into the future.

Beyond their traditional market presence, Flare has been actively exploring opportunities in the Renewables sector. Recognising Aberdeen's potential as a key player in the energy transition, Flare has made substantial investments in the region, establishing a Service Centre of Excellence, up skilling their personnel, and obtaining the necessary skills and approvals to meet the sector's demands. By diversifying their portfolio and expanding their presence, Flare is poised to contribute to the energy transition and support the industry's evolving needs.

Flare Fire Safety Engineering's exceptional track record, integrity, and unwavering commitment to safety have solidified their position as a trusted partner in the energy industry. As they embark on this transformative project for the Well-Safe Guardian, the company remains focused on delivering excellence and ensuring the safety of personnel and critical assets.

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